A relaxed and cheerful mind is conducive to learning and good health. Hence for classes I to X certain time is allotted for co-curricular activities such as painting, Drawing, Singing, Karate, Dancing, Craft, Drill, Physical training, Games and other Cultural activities. Club activities serve as outlets for creativity, expressions and the unveiling of talents. The school has the following Clubs.

  1. Science Club

  2. Young Farmers’ Club

  3. Music Club

  4. Arts Club

  5. Yoga Club

  6. Dance Club

  7. Sports Club

  8. Karate Club

  9. Social Science Club

  10. Health & wellness Club

  11. Maths Club

  12. Literary Club

  13. Eco Club

  14. Heritage Club

  15. EBSB Club

  16. A E P Club

  17. NallaPadam Club