We the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence are called to place our trust in God and by His Divine power, form all those under our care, into individuals of character who distinguish themselves by their academic and professional excellence, staunch values of love, peace, fraternity and spirit of selfless service. They shall build a just human society where freedom, equality, respect for religion, moral and social values found in the Gospels and enshrined in the Constitution of India shall prevail.

We, the Sisters of St. Ann of Providence in India bound by the life and vision of Jesus Christ, re dedicate ourselves with a creative fidelity towards the Education of the children and youth with special preference to the marginalized to liberate and empower them by imparting quality education, instilling in them the human values and thus enabling them to become instruments of ‘Social Change’ and fulfilling the intention of our Founders Marquis Carlo Tancredi and Giulia of Barolo.