Parents are requested to go through the below given instructions with regard to school’s policy matters and sign below in the space provided in acceptance of these conditions.

  1. Please send your child to school regularly. Irregular attendance will affect the child’s promotion /continuation.

  2. Ensure the attendance of your child in all the special programs organized by the school, for which her/his participation is compulsory

  3. Every child is expected to attend the school on the day of reopening after every vacation or holiday

  4. Please do not send the child to the school when he /she is unwell. The school will take utmost care to protect children from injury, however in the event of a mishap the school will not accept legal responsibility.

  5. Kindly send advance information of any leave (for more than THREE working days) through a leave application addressed to the Class teacher

  6. Parents are requested not to send items like mobile phones, Camera, Music players, pen drives, electronic gadgets like play stations, video games etc. to the school. Any violation of this shall be viewed seriously and would invite disciplinary action.

  7. Students are not permitted to bring money to the school, unless there is a clear instruction from the school to bring money for a particular purpose

  8. Pay fees on time, in the preferred payment mode

  9. Obtain permission from office for meeting teachers and principal

  10. Inform any address and contact number changes to the school at earliest

  11. Keep the class teacher informed about physical challenges, if any, of your wards

  12. Attend meeting organized by school without fail.

  13. Ensure that wards spend sufficient time at home with their studies

  14. Students shall be modest in their appearance. Wearing of ornaments, fancy items, expensive watches etc. are discouraged. Boys shall have decent haircut, parents have a responsibility to encourage decent and tasteful dressing habits, conforming to acceptable social norms among children from very early stage of their development.

  15. Distribution of Birthday invitations or gifts to classmates are not allowed as a policy

  16. Giving gifts or tips to any member of the staff community of the school is thoroughly discouraged.

  17. Develop healthy living habits in children by stipulating sleeping time (preferably from 10pm to 5am) and by encouraging regular exercise sessions.

  18. Parents/guardians are not permitted to walk in to classrooms or meet teachers during the class hours.